Health Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic Peterborough

Which Baby Scan Clinic In Peterborough Is Best For Fetal Health Scan?

Fetal Health Scan gives an overall report of the baby. There’s one baby scan clinic in Peterborough to get accurate, safe, and hygienic fetal health scans.

Pregnancy requires prenatal scans. It is paramount for every pregnant woman to get regular ultrasound scans from a well-reputed clinic. But, what are fetal health scans and what do they diagnose? Fetal Health Scan gives an overall report of the unborn baby. This scan tells you a detailed version of your pregnancy.


There’s one ultrasound baby scan clinic in Peterborough where you can get accurate, safe, and hygienic fetal health scans. The name of the baby scan clinic is Window to the Womb Peterborough. It is one of the most famous and well-reputed ultrasound baby scanning services centres in Peterborough. The clinical staffs take good care of hygiene during this pandemic outbreak. You’ll find everyone in the clinic wearing PPE and maintaining physical distancing. The scan rooms are constantly kept clean and disinfected after the completion of each scan session. The ultrasound technicians are well-trained and experienced. You can even book their affordable baby scan packages online. 

Now, let’s know what Fetal Health Scan offered by Window to the Womb Peterborough includes:

Fetal Health Scan

  • Complete Well-being Check + Report
  • Head Circumference Measurement (available from 16 weeks)
  • Abdominal Circumference Measurement (available from 26 weeks)
  • Femur Length Measurement (available from 16 weeks)
  • Estimated Fetal Weight
  • 99.9% Accurate Gender Confirmation (Optional)
  • Digital Images and Prints
  • Available from 16-42 weeks
  • Priced at £59 only. 

To book Fetal Health Scan from Window to the Womb Peterborough, click on this link.

Always carry your hospital reports and other essentials, like water bottle, hand sanitizer, disposable tissue papers, sanitizing wet wipes, healthy snacks, a book or magazine disposable gloves, and extra face mask inside your bag. Getting ultrasound scans from a good baby scan clinic is very important, so ensure to book your baby scans without fail.

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