How To Make Your Pregnancy Salads Healthier And More Filling

Here are some ways to make healthy and filling salads during pregnancy. Book fetal health scans from Peterborough’s Best Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic.

Hello to all lovely pregnant mommas residing in Peterborough! Every expecting woman expects her pregnancy to be healthy and memorable. Well, an important aspect of a healthy pregnancy is none other than diet. A healthy diet is equivalent to a healthy pregnancy. When we think of eating healthy, the first thing that comes to our mind is salads, yes, loads of wholesome salads!

Salads are surely awesome and should be a mandatory addition in a pregnancy diet. But there’s something more to it, one major complaint many pregnant mothers usually make is salads being unfilling. They say eating salads make them hungrier after three hours. Well, this is completely understandable. But lemme tell you one thing, the salads are not filling because you are not adding the right ingredients! 

Today, I’ll show you some ways through which you can eat healthy and filling salads during pregnancy. So, let’s read further.

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Add the following ingredients for a filling and wholesome pregnancy salad.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggsHard-boiled eggs are by far the cheapest and healthiest source of nutrition during pregnancy. As we know, eggs are high in protein, calcium, and vitamin B12 so adding them on your salads is an amazing way to get plenty of nutrition as well as filling your stomach.  

Note: Avoid soft boiled eggs to prevent salmonella infection.

Lean meat

Lean MeatMeat is one of the most filling foods in the world. Toss few chunks of roasted chicken or turkey into your super salad to have a nutritious punch. 

Note: Ensure that the meat is properly and hygienically cooked. 


Sea FoodsTime to add some humble seafood into your salad meals! There is no doubt that seafood is extremely nutritious during pregnancy. Seafood, like oysters, salmon, tuna, prawns, etc are high in protein but low in fat, hence you can eat them without worrying about weight gain. 

Note: Ensure to eat properly cooked seafood. 

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet PotatoesSweet potatoes are excellent for your gut health. When you eat sweet potatoes, you ensure your baby’s healthy eyesight and brain. Sweet potatoes are not only tasty and healthy but satiating too! 


MushroomsMushrooms are highly satisfying and the best part about mushrooms is rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins. On top of that, they are low in calories, so feel free to add more chunks of mushrooms into your salad bowl. 

Add the above-mentioned things into your salad bowls and rock your pregnancy!

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