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Infant Clothing: Full-Fledged Guide On Your Little One’s Clothing

Greetings to all expecting and new mothers living in Peterborough! If you are a would-be mother, of course, you are planning ahead to what to buy for the new member of your family and if you are already a new mother, then you are reading this blog to know if you are doing it right. No matter who you are, I am always there to provide you with facts and information related to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. 

Buying clothes for your little sweetheart might look easy but it is not. There are so many options available in the market for infant clothing and choosing the right one can result in massive confusion. Don’t worry, we all have been there. In today’s blog, I am gonna tell you everything you need to know about baby’s clothing. So, let’s get started and learn what should be inside your baby’s wardrobe.

What kind of clothes would be best for my baby?


Since we are talking about your little angel, you might be tempted to splurge in expensive and stylish clothing. But, I don’t think it is the right thing to do. You should buy something which is soft and comfortable for your baby. Also, avoid buying designer clothes with hooks, buttons, and elaborate designs. Buy clothes with detachable straps at the bottom as it will provide quick access which you’ll be thankful for during your baby’s nappy change. Go for something simple, subtle, and of good quality. The last thing to say would be to always buy larger sizes as your baby is going to grow at a faster rate than you can ever imagine!

Which clothes to buy for my little sweetheart?


As I have already said earlier, there are numerous options to choose from in baby’s clothing but you need to be judicious before spending a penny on your infant’ clothes. You should buy 4-5 jumpsuits, 6-8 rompers, 10 onesies, 5-6 sleepwear, 3-4 snowsuits (since we live in the UK), 2-3 scratch or woollen mittens, 5-6 bibs and burb cloths, 2 beanies, 6-8 fluffy long towels, 3-4 swaddles or 2-3 baby blankets. 

How to wash my little one’s clothes?

Only buying clothes for your baby is not enough, you are supposed to preserve them to keep them in good condition. If you are a complete novice in baby’s laundry, here’s the perfect blog to read: Your Ultimate Guide On Washing Baby Clothes Effortlessly

Remember to buy large size clothes so that your baby can wear them for many days. Buy clothes as per your baby’s height, weight, and age. Your little one deserves the best so give him or her softest, safest, and most comfortable clothes. 

To buy gender-appropriate clothes, you need to know your baby’s sex. Know your baby’s gender from Peterborough’s Gender Scan Clinic.

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